Surreal Reality

On September 1, 2013 six images of mine were hung in Touch Art Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (Those images will be there for the entire month of September, by the way.) Five of these prints were on aluminum, making the colors bright and the finish wonderfully glossy. The sixth was on glass, and if not for the high cost of these materials I would be playing with translucent prints all day long.

About a week after the work went up, I got to see them at the official opening. I’m afraid that at the time I was unable to sufficiently describe how I felt. Mostly I was in shock. Everything looked perfect. I could not have dreamed of anything better. Suddenly I felt legitimate. To my friends and family who were there I made quiet, self-conscious statements and admired the other work in the show.

I continue to be amazed when people tell me they like my work. I am thrilled by every sale. When photographs I worked hard on and love deeply become a favorite, I’m stunned, I honestly am. I think any artist loves to have their hard work appreciated. It’s a wonderful feeling. When things you’ve only ever imagined happen in real life, and you’re standing in front of them with undeniable proof that this is really happening to you… My reality recently has been very surreal. I can only hope that what I said at the opening was, in general, intelligible.

I would like to thank Touch Art Gallery, for giving me the wall space and for the brilliant suggestion of alternative media for prints. And, as always, I should thank my friends who have been supporting me all this way. I don’t know if I would have dared try this without you — you know who you are.

And now, for a little general business: I can be found in lots of new and exciting corners of the internet. There’s the Annushka Munch Facebook and Tumblr, of course. If you are a member, you can find my profile at DWF. If you are interested in the everyday misadventures of Annushka Munch, administrative assistant by day, photographer… also by day… you can follow me on twitter @otherephemera.

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