Performance and Behind the Scenes



The ideal photograph of a performance not only captures what is happening on stage, but it conveys the feeling of being there. My job as a photographer is to be in the right place at the right time to create that image, without getting in the way of the performers or disturbing the audience. To do so I take my time to study the production I’m photographing. This may mean a discussion about your vision, attending rehearsals, taking notes on choreography, or meeting with lighting designers and costumers.

Behind the Scenes

The view from the wings. A costume director adjusting a bodice. Dancers stretching before a performance. Laughter in the green room. Glitter ground into the carpet.
For the audience, behind the scenes photos are a glimpse into the world of the performers. For performers, and for crew members, they’re memories of putting on the show.

Promotional Images

You need to promote your event — you need flyers and advertisements and Facebook events — and you need people to pay attention. I’m here to help.

Performer Portfolio